The Average Dental Office Only

Collects 91% of Production

3 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Dental Billing

The average dental practice is losing 9% of their production to uncollected revenue. This means if you are producing $60,000 per month, you are losing on average $5400 per month! That’s almost $65,000 per year of lost revenue.  How can outsourcing your insurance and dental billing to Dental ClaimSupport help?

  1. Increase Your Collections Percentage
    • Our goal is always 100% collection rate. Our staff are experts in the dental insurance and go through regular trainings on our proven process that with implementation will increase your collections percentage.
  2. Patient Quality of Service
    • The patients should be everyone’s main focus in your office, not their dental insurance. Let us handle the headaches of calling on outstanding claims, appealing claims, and posting of insurance payments. Allow your staff to focus on your patients
  3. Cost

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How Dental Claim Support Works

How Does Our Dental Billing Work?

Start Collecting 100%

Be More Productive & Profitable While Avoiding Headaches and Long-Term Contracts. Start Today!

Please tell us about your practice and your current dental billing issues and one of our billing experts will respond within 24 hours with a quote and some additional information relevant to solving your current billing issues.

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