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Medical Billing Services

In addition to dental billing services, Dental ClaimSupport provides medical insurance billing services for dentists. Most offices are already treating patients for services covered by medical insurance but don’t have the capability to file medical claims.

When patients suffer minor traumatic injuries to the mouth, the first place patients call is their dentist’s office; they’re usually seen by their general dentist before being referred out to the oral surgeon for more complex injuries or procedures.

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Added Medical Billing Support

Traumatic injuries to the mouth that require medical billing can include:

  • Falls
  • Contact sports
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Worker’s comp
  • Fights
  • drinking hot liquids

We’ll work with claims for sleep apnea and TMD appliances, biopsies and excisions, and even extractions.

Dental ClaimSupport will file up to six medical claims per year for your office at no additional charge; more than six will require additional fees. We’ll even correct and resubmit any denied claims.

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