Learn How to Save $33k a Year!

We get this question a lot.  “How much do you charge?” or “How much do dental billing companies charge?”

Did you know you could save over $33k a year?  In this example below, we compare an average $17/hr Insurance Coordinator versus Dental ClaimSupport fees. Our rates are based off of a dental offices INSURANCE COLLECTIONS only.  Our rates currently start at $1300/per month.

Here are some more financial advantages to outsourcing your dental billing:

  • Better Cash Flow
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Better Posting & Adjustment Accuracy
  • Better Patient Satisfaction
  • Better Efficiency
  • Less Management Time by Dentist
  • No Employer Taxes
  • No Employee Health Insurance, Payroll Fees, Paid Time Off, and No Overtime!

Please call us at (912)355-6100 if you have any questions or would like to start saving today!

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With no long-term contracts, you can start risk-free today! With Dental ClaimSupport you can be assured that your collections will increase and you'll see a more profitable and productive dental office!
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