Oliver HubbardTeam Lead - Savannah, GA

    Oliver has been a quick learner and showed signs of leadership and professionalism early on in his partnership with DCS. Oliver started out as an Account Manager, diligently working insurance aging reports, which quickly transitioned into an Account Executive role.  Oliver has never shied away from hard work and enjoys seeking out opportunities to improve the overall growth of the company.  He was promoted to Training Manager in 2019 and Team Lead in 2020.  He has helped onboard every single Team Member that has passed the initial screening process with DCS.  He leads others with positive reinforcement and relies heavily on leading by example.

    Oliver spends his free time coaching varsity girls basketball for his former alumni. His natural leadership and competitive spirit on and off the court made him the perfect fit for Team Lead. Oliver’s career growth within Dental ClaimSupport is a true testament as to the growth one can experience when hard work, dedication and commitment are provided.

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