Dilaine Gloege, CDA, CPCChief Claims Officer and Director of Brand Management/Education - Charlotte, NC

    Dilaine Gloege is a Certified Dental Assistant and AAPC Certified Professional Coder with over 30 years of dental experience. She is also a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

    Dilaine began her career in dentistry submitting dental claims specifically for periodontal treatment for a general dentistry practice in between college semesters.  

    During that short period, she discovered her passion for dentistry and desire to begin a lifelong career in the field. Dilaine trained as a dental assistant in a progressive general dentistry practice and has been a Certified Dental Assistant since 1991. Insurance was always intriguing to Dilaine. As a result,  she transitioned into the role of business team member and insurance coordinator then before moving on to a Practice Administrator for dental dentistry practices. Dilaine also worked in a large periodontal practice as Treatment Coordinator, presenting treatment plans and submitting dental and medical claims. 

    Most recently, Dilaine worked alongside Dr. Charles Blair as Call Center Support Supervisor for his Insurance Solutions Newsletter and PracticeBooster where she has helped thousands of practices with coding and insurance questions for both medical and dental claims. She worked with Dr. Blair and team developing the following new publications: Diagnostic Coding for Dental Claim Submission, Administration with Confidence, and Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence. Dilaine was a contributing author to Insurance Solutions Newsletter, Coding with Confidence, Administration with Confidence, and Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence. Additionally, Dilaine worked with Dr. Blair and team developing content for educational programs presented as lectures, workshops and webinars. She also shares her knowledge and passion for dentistry in her speaking, webinar presentations, and consulting with dental teams nationwide. A few of her most recent speaking engagements are listed below.

    • PracticeBooster’s 2-day hands-on Medical billing workshop – co-presenter
    • Inspired Hygiene Masters Workshop 
    • AADOM-Wilmington, NC Chapter/ Cape Fear Study Club
    • Wake Forest NW AHEC 
    • South Dakota Dental Association 
    • AGD medical webinar series – co-presenter
    • Foothills Dental Office Administration and Management
    • Coding and Insurance Key Dental Management Retreat

    In her spare time, Dilaine enjoys spending time with her husband of 34 years, Dennis, their four children and four grandchildren. Dilaine enjoys reading, cooking, crafting, and spending as much time as possible on the lake or the beach. 

    Press Release: Dental ClaimSupport Welcomes Dilaine Gloege as Chief Claims Officer and Director of Brand Management/Education


    Coordination of Benefits – Navigating the Maze of Dual Insurance – October 27, 2020 – Register Here 

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