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We love Dental Billing. We love providing dental billing outsourcing for Dental Practices all over the country. We enjoy this all so much that we can’t stop talking about it and therefore…this podcast exists.


Episode 2 – A New Way to Increase Your Fees with Cornelia Outten of Dental Advocacy Group

Everybody wants to increase fees. Cornelia Outten takes a completely different approach than just negotiating contracts one by one.  The Dental Advocacy Group is a member-based dental organization formed to enhance the quality of time and services from dentist to patient by pre-negotiating non-clinical business functions that would otherwise occupy time better utilized for clinical care.

Episode 1 – Why You Need Dental ClaimSupport

Welcome to the 1st episode of the Dental Billing Support Podcast. Our hosts, Davy Clay and Josh Smith, discuss topics surrounding all things dental insurance and dental billing. In this episode, they discuss why they started Dental ClaimSupport, how they can help your dental practice, as well as talking to Reilly Winters, VP of Sales at Dental ClaimSupport, about his experiences in helping dentists across the United States.

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