Why Verify Dental Insurance? The Average Dental Office Only Collects 91% of Production.

Precise Dental Insurance Verification is often the difference between a dental practice collecting just a portion of their production and collecting 100% of it. Let us help you understand this crucial compartment of your dental billing and show you how we can help maximize your collections with Dental Insurance Verification.

Why Verify Reason #1: 

Limited Knowledge!

We Are Your Failsafe for Patients Giving You the Wrong Insurance Provider.

Patients very often don’t know which dental insurance they have.

Reason #2: 

You May Have Limited Visibility of Your Patient’s Coverage!

Our Billing Experts Provide You with the Whole Picture.

Get a full breakdown instead only just real-time eligibility

Reason #3:

Policy Terminations!

Avoid surprise high risk out of pocket procedures.

We make you aware of your patient’s insurance eligibility before you start a procedure.

Reason #4: 

All Insurance Plans Are Different!

Our Billing Experts Know The Diverse Landscape of Insurance Options.

Denials and Plan Exclusions
Not all Preventative plans pay at 100%
Non-Covered Services
Annual Max Reached
Downgrade Posterior Composites



  • “One of the best business moves I have ever made is hiring Dental ClaimSupport to take over the dental insurance claims. I knew I would have to hire another employee to handle the insurance if it had not been for Dental ClaimSupport.”

    -Dr C., Georgia Doctor
  • "Just wanted to let you know we really couldn't be happier with you guys after this first month. Reilly is awesome. Very attentive and responsive. Please direct anyone who is potentially interested in signing up with y'all my office phone or email."

    -Dr. J's Wife, Alabama Doctor
  • "I wish I would have gone with Dental ClaimSupport the day I opened my office!"

    Dr. F, South Carolina Doctor
  • Awesome!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I think you all are the best decision I’ve made in a long time!!! Thank you so much!!!! :)

    - Dr. Steve Doctor
  • Thank you so much!! You have been doing an amazing job, I sure wish I had signed up “with y’all sooner.

    - Dr. S
  • You guys are the best! I am so pleased to see these kind of numbers.

    - Dr. M. New York
  • It makes me very happy when I see you're taking a large load off of my staff by taking the initiative and getting the job done stress free. Keep up the good work!

    - Dr. K. Georgia
  • Dental Claim Support's team has transformed the way that we have done business in our dental practice!  Our AR was a total mess and Anne Marie (and her team) was able to work wonders and get everything under control in a relatively short amount of time.  Our collection rates had been barely 60%, but now are consistently 98% and above.  Dental Claim Support really has saved our practice.  We are forever grateful for their professionalism, knowledge of dental claims and efficient process.

    Matt Kais Benchmark Business Solutions
  • We have thoroughly enjoyed Dental ClaimSupport!  Scott has been fantastic and just super to work with.  We would like to request that he continue to work with our office, if at all possible.  Thank you so much!

    Mary Day Day Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

We remote into your software through a computer in your office and pull your schedule 2 days in advance.

We will work with your staff on supplying the necessary information in the appointment screen to be able to verify a new patient.

We must have 24 hours notice prior to verification.

You can certainly add codes to be asked or questions to be asked. However, a fee will apply to each question or code added to the form.

We certainly can verify for general dentists and specialists. We will have a special breakdown form for specialists and can fit your desires.

We would certainly like to enter and correct the insurance information in your software so that your staff can better serve your patients when they are in your office. Having the correct information in the software is crucial to preparing treatment plans AND sending claims.

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Please tell us about your practice and your current dental billing issues and one of our billing experts will respond within 24 hours with a quote and some additional information relevant to solving your current billing issues.

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