Dental ClaimSupport (DCS) is 100% collections. From posting insurance payments to researching unpaid claims, our proven system ensures you collect from insurance companies what you produce.

We are your key to an efficiently run dental practice. Our team relieves the insurance headache and allows your staff to focus on the patients. Is your practice growing or are you looking to increase production? Is a staff member leaving permanently or temporarily? DCS will fill in the gaps.

We are an asset to your practice.

We are:

  • A tax write-off to your business
  • Expert dental billers without overhead
  • Always here for you, even when you’re out of the office or on vacation
  • A watchdog for embezzlement or impropriety
  • Your peace of mind that nothing is slipping through the cracks

Our goal is to work directly with your office to streamline your billing processes. Posting payments, claim research and all billing responsibilities ARE time consuming! DCS has the time to devote our attention to making the insurance company pay. Your office staff will have the time to be more patient-focused.

Yes. We work in ALL dental software systems.

Very easily. We can get you set up in as little as 15 minutes! If you have an internet connection, we can work with you.

Absolutely. If you are filing claims, you need DCS. Regardless if you participate with an insurance company, claims still need submission, research and processing.

No, but all scanned EOBs are saved to a dated file, and all EOB/EFTs are available online.

No. This is a common misconception. A clearinghouse only collects and distributes claims to the insurance companies. The delivery isn’t always smooth. DCS does all the follow-up and tracking of claims, making sure all claims arrive at the correct insurance company and NO claim goes unprocessed.

Yes. Our staff training and consulting services are available to your office.

Yes. With a business associate agreement in place with DCS, the entire process is HIPAA compliant. 

No. It’s important for your office staff to continue to build their own relationship with your patients. We communicate directly with the office manager should a patient need to be contacted.

Yes. We help with all of your insurance needs including credentialing services and even fee schedule negotiations to ensure that you are getting the most out of your provider contracts.

Unfortunately, Dental ClaimSupport is not currently offering Insurance Verification or Patient Billing at this time.  Our main focus as well as our expertise is in the insurance collections side.  By focusing all of our attention to claims, we aim to provide the best quality service to our clients in this area of our expertise. However, for those who are looking for this service we do have recommendations and partnerships for those interested and can do a bundle deal with our partners.

No. Our services are billed month-to-month with no long term contracts.  This allows our services to be utilized in the event of an unexpected employee absence or staff turnover. We can guarantee you’ll see results.

Yes, we have a plenty of referrals. Please call to request a referral. You can also check out our Google reviews and our Facebook reviews.

By keeping communication with patients internal, patient rapport remains strong. Patients want reassurance  that any information provided to, created by, and maintained by their healthcare provider is secure and remains confidential. Dental ClaimSupport abides by the same HIPAA requirements as healthcare organizations when it comes to securing Protected Health Information (PHI). However, the last thing we want is to create any sort of uncertainty amongst your patients by reaching out directly with questions pertaining to their PHI. What we will do is give you precise information about the data we need you to obtain from your patients.

We do not send paper statements but do have a role in generating electronic statements for your practice. While posting insurance payments, we post and adjust (when applicable) per line item. In doing so,  money is properly allocated, leaving balances on the procedure left unpaid or partially paid by insurance. We also leave  thorough notes on claims that were not paid in full as to why there is a balance remaining. This creates a virtual EOB, if you will, in your patient’s ledger. If a deductible is applied, it is updated in the practice management software and notated. A typical claim balance note is :


DOS (Date of Service) 1/1/2020 Fluoride denied due to frequency. Patient portion due $30. DCS 

DOS 1/1/2020 $50 deductible applied. Patient co-pay $62.40. DCS


Once all claims for the patient’s account have been finalized, if there is a balance remaining on the account, we will batch a statement (software dependent) and notify the office. We do not send statements directly due to the personal relationships between the practice  and the patient. In some instances, there may be financial arrangements that were agreed upon between the patient and the practice or a  patient may be a family member, neighbor, etc. The last thing we want to do is upset a patient or make it seem like there is a breakdown in communication internally by sending a statement to a patient that should not have received one. Ultimately, the final decision to send a statement in the hands of the practice.

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