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At Dental ClaimSupport, we know the most common dental billing issues that plague most offices and our billing experts are passionate about helping you avoid the headaches of dental insurance billing to assure that you collect 100% of the profit your practice generates.

When you choose Dental ClaimSupport dental billing services, you’re choosing to have a more productive and profitable office where you and your employees can focus 100% of your care and attention towards your patients. You’re experts at dental care and we’re experts at Dental Billing. Why not leave the billing to us?

Dental ClaimSupport Offers Daily Support for

  • Posting all insurance checks and ETF’s
  • Working and analyzing insurance aging reports
  • Claim support
  • Taking proper adjustments
  • Secondary electronic attachments
  • Correcting missing patient information
  • Deposit detail match and reconciliations
  • Correcting and resubmitting denied claims
  • Setting up all EFTs

Our Dental Insurance Billing Pricing Categories

We have dental billing service plans that cover all sized offices and are tied to the amount of insurance collections you have in any given month. All of our dental billing services are monthly contracts without any hidden fees and in most cases, the cost of choosing our service will be offset by the amount of revenue that we recover for your practice.

Tier I

If the office’s insurance collections are under $40k per month

Tier II

If the office’s insurance collections are between $40k – 100k per month

Tier III

If the office’s insurance collections are between $100k – $150k per month

Tier IV

If the office’s insurance collections are between $150k – $200k per month

Tier V

If the office’s insurance collections are over $200k per month

We also offer these additional services at an extra cost

Fee Schedule Entering

Consulting – Business


Sleep Apnea ClaimSupport

Consulting – Insurance Based

Oral Surgery ClaimSupport


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Please tell us about your practice and your current dental billing issues and one of our billing experts will respond within 24 hours with a quote and some additional information relevant to solving your current billing issues.

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