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Credentialing Services

Credentialing is the process of adding a provider to a certain insurance company network.  Credentialing is essential in the effort to communicate trust and quality to insurance providers who in turn refer patients to your practice making you ‘in-network’.

Credentialing entails verifying the qualifications of the doctors at your practice and doing so on the routine basis. This is often a tedious task and requires high levels of efficiency, accuracy, and available time.

When & Why Your Practice Needs Credentialing Support:

    • Adding a new doctor to a practice or adding an existing doctor to a PPO plan – This requires an application to be filled out for each insurance company.
    • Multiple Locations – Credentialing a doctor for multiple locations must be completed, depending on the insurance company. Forms must be filled out, signed by the doctor, and administered to the insurance company.
    • Re-Credentialing – Re-Credentialing is necessary for most PPO insurance companies, typically every 3 years. Forms must be filled out, signed by the doctor, and administered to the insurance company.

How Credentialing Works

The credentialing timeline is different for each insurance company, as each insurance company has a provider relations department that works at different speeds.  It can typically take a few weeks up to a few months, based on the insurance company.

Credentialing should take place prior to the doctor’s start date. Any patients seen prior to the doctor’s effective date will be considered “out of network.” Application forms must be filled out, signed by the doctor, and administered to the insurance company.

We Have Your Practice Covered

The good news is that our credentialing experts can handle this crucial task for you while you focus on patient care.  We’re familiar with the communication needed with each insurance company’s provider relations department and can guarantee fast and effective credentialing.

This will remove the delays and headaches of credentialing internally and allow us to fully manage it for you.

Credentialing Fees

Your Credentialing fees will be priced on a per doctor, per insurance company basis.

Fee Schedule Package

Our credentialing team will enter in any new fee schedules obtained for the new insurance plans.

On the Fence About Outsourcing?

Simplify Credentialing Today

Outsourcing your credentialing ensures you have more time for your patients and employees while we keep your practice in-network and in good standing!

Please tell us about your practice and your current credentialing issues and one of our billing experts will respond within 24 hours with a quote and some additional information relevant to solving your current billing issues.

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