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When it comes to outsourcing your dental billing, we understand the hesitation. You’re thinking, “I need a more organized, streamlined way to run my billing department, but how can I trust these people? Isn’t there a way I can just do it myself? Am I up for starting a working-relationship with people outside of my organization?” Signing on to work with total strangers that you rely on to solve problems is easier said than done. Will they really produce outcomes? Will they truly support you along the way? Or will they force you to sign a year-long contract and leave you to fend for yourself? 

We at Dental ClaimSupport (DCS), an outsourced dental billing company, have a commitment to getting dental offices like yours paid by dental insurance companies. We believe in transparency and have a customer success strategy that will set you up to achieve your goals. In order to have a successful relationship with a dental billing company, there are things you need to do, and things we need to do to set you up for success. 

The purpose of this article is to be a resource to understand how Dental ClaimSupport can make you and your practice successful. In this article, you will learn what you can expect from outsourcing to a dental billing company such as DCS, and how you will find success on your customer journey.

First, we’ll look at some of the elements that would make you a good fit for outsourced dental billing in the first place.

Why do I need outsourced dental billing services? 

You’re an office manager wearing too many hats, a dentist with a new practice or too much turnover, or even a doctor who has simply been burned one too many times by hiring the wrong insurance coordinator or office manager and not getting paid for your procedures rendered. 

Aging reports are piling up. Posting inaccuracies are increasing, causing your collections to decrease. All you want to do is to collect what you produce. 

Should filing insurance claims be this complicated? 

You want to understand where the dental industry is going. How do you figure it out? How do you solve all of your billing issues while increasing collections and reducing overhead? 

When it all boils down, your goal is to increase collections and take some pressure off of whoever is in charge of your billing.  You want to streamline your billing process and create a lighter workload for your billing department.  Outsourcing your dental billing allows you to hand some of the burden of dental billing to a team who knows exactly how to make sure you are getting paid what you earned

What Does Onboarding Look Like? 

Any good relationship begins with some good, old-fashioned conversation. Onboarding with a dental billing company is no different. DCS starts every relationship with (albeit, virtual) face-to-face conversations via Zoom. We want to see you, meet you and understand your problem through customer support. How does your business work? 

We paint customer success management as something simple that we can all understand. It starts with trust. It starts with personal, non-soliciting emails, calls and Zoom meetings with your account manager. Establishing a common goal that both parties can agree upon is what starts the journey for any prospect.Do you have any hot button issues? Is your staff overworked and lacking a balanced work environment? DCS’s first few conversations with you will help them pinpoint your issues and in turn, offer solutions. 

Solutions can mean so many different things. What works for one dental practice may not work for everyone. There isn’t a “one size fits all” in the world of dental billing. DCS knows that each client needs tailored solutions to any issues they may be having. This is why communication is key for customers. Creating those tailored solutions doesn’t happen overnight. Connecting multiple times per week is a major key in understanding your problems and creating these solutions. We want to understand every part of your business and how we come into play to optimize your billing department. This is only done through consistent communication. 

Oftentimes in order to help you realize what solutions are best for you, it’s useful to see how other companies have used a dental billing company.  Some offices may see a large decrease in their amount outstanding right away or that decrease may be gradual. There are unique circumstances that influence the rate at which you’ll see results. By seeing these examples, you’ll have a better understanding of how dental practices like yours use dental billing companies. Trust me, we’ve seen it all. Overwhelmed office managers, piled up claims and messy ledgers are just a few of the common problems we’ve noticed in new customers. Proactively relaying issues we have seen in other offices to you can also help you understand what you may or may not need from us.  

Frequent communication is also important for logistical purposes. After some phone calls and Zoom meetings with our sales team, you will sign on with DCS and receive an introduction email and video. A member of our IT department will contact your team shortly after this to discuss any technology and local IT services you may need. You will be assigned an account executive and a team lead to handle the billing for your office.

These team members will conduct a virtual orientation to introduce your team to DCS. This may all sound a bit overwhelming at first, but our team will walk you through everything, making sure everything is understood on both ends of the relationship. 

Is Dental ClaimSupport right for me?

Not everyone is a perfect match for outsourced dental billing services. Trust means honesty, and honesty means knowing when two people aren’t a good fit for one another.

Our most successful customers share some things in common. They’re engaged in the videos sent to them and available for Zoom meetings, when necessary. They’re also interested in building a relationship with their team lead and account executive, whom they will be in communication with almost daily. They know how to pull their various report numbers when we’re trying to make sense of where there has been an error in data entry or claim submissions.

If this kind of communication commitment is difficult for you, we can discuss what might be better for you! We’re not unwilling to adjust our communication style with each client, we just need to know what works for you. Transparency is important to finding something right, whatever that may be. 

Successful Customers using Outsourced Dental Billing

We can assure your collection percentage will increase because you are going to have a team working on your account daily. A successful customer to us means that you’re collecting what you deserve and you are happy with your decision to outsource your dental billing. 

Dental ClaimSupport has been amazing to work with. Anytime you need a question answered our Representative Brenna is always there to help. The response time is impeccable. Their team is top notch and wouldn’t recommend another place to handle all of your Insurance needs.” – From a Google review by Mary Beth Thornton

As you can see, we promise that improving your dental billing system will be our top priority and we will always be easy for you to reach out to for anything dental billing related. 

If you welcome our processes, engage in daily communication, understand what needs to be done in your office and trust the expertise of our dental billing team, you will be successful. Your insurance aging report will decrease and your collections will increase. Posting and data entry errors will be significantly reduced. Your office staff will not be spending most of their time on hold with an insurance company battling to get claims paid.

We are here to alleviate any insurance strain your office is facing. Building a trusting, honest relationship with your team member from Dental ClaimSupport is what is going to make you successful. Take your next steps in learning how to be successful with DCS by watching this video and seeing why we are a trusted source for dental billing services.

If you interested in receiving more information regarding Dental ClaimSupport’s services, please fill out the form below.

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