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Federal employees eligible for enrollment in a voluntary dental benefit plan under the Federal Employees Dental and Visions Insurance Program (FEDVIP) will have additional payer options for 2021. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) last added new payers to the FEDVIP dental program in 2013. The Federal Employees Dental and Vision Benefits Enhancement Act mandates that the benefits program is offered to new payers every seven years. 

United Healthcare Dental PPO is the new option for the nationwide program and Dominion Dental EPO, and Health Partners are two new regional options available for 2021. 

Most notable is the additional choice of an EPO plan. Practices should be aware that a patient with an EPO will not receive out-of-network benefits when seeking dental care outside of their EPO provider list.

Enrollment season for 2021 begins on November 9, 2020 and ends on December 14, 2020. During open enrollment, federal employees may enroll, change their plan choice or cancel. Plan benefit brochures generally are available by early October of each year at


Stay tuned for a summary of changes in the FEDVIP dental plans for 2021. Our team here at Dental ClaimSupport will review the plan options and provide an overview in mid-October so you can be proactive in knowing the choices available to your federal plan patients for 2021.

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