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If you have found your way to this page, you are probably wondering what Dental ClaimSupport does and how we can help your staff. Here at Dental ClaimSupport, in addition to providing our dental billing services, we also strive to help your practice as much as we possibly can. With that being said, we can’t do everything and won’t have all the answers. Still, with our vast knowledge and wide range of expertise on staff, we will be able to help most of the time with questions related to dental insurance billing!

What happens at Dental ClaimSupport Orientation?

From the time you sign a contract to join the Dental ClaimSupport family, you are effectively hiring a team of experts to work for you and your practice! We start the relationship with an orientation. During this period, we will train you and your staff on our systems and processes to ensure the onboarding process is as seamless as possible. 

During orientation, you will learn:  

  • Correct scanning practices
  • Proper batching of claims in your dental software
  • Where notation on claims will be made, posting of claims, daily reconciliation emails, claim appeals, etc. 

This will also be the time where you and your staff can ask any and all questions! ANYTHING GOES! This will also be a perfect opportunity to introduce your office’s systems and processes to our DCS team. 

Our goal is to work with you and we understand that you may have a few nuances specific to your practice. As long as these nuances don’t affect our team’s workflow and efficiency, we will be more than happy to adapt/adopt as many of these as possible.

Throughout our working relationship, you will find that your account executive has an array of vast knowledge as it pertains to dental insurance billing!

This will become an asset you may not have even realized when you hired your DCS billing team. We find this to be a massive bonus to your practice for many different reasons.

  • Coding questions? If you have a coding question here or there, ask your account executive for guidance. If they don’t know the answer, our Director of Education Dilaine Gloege will be happy to provide the needed guidance to your account executive. 
  • Having trouble with narratives? No worries, we will write these for you from the Doctor’s clinical notes, at no extra charge, or help train the staff to document so that proper narratives may be written. Specificity in your documentation is key to writing narratives to get paid faster.  
  • Improper input of patient demographic and insurance data can cause claims processing delays; we can help.? Your account executive can offer a quick training with your business team to help them learn the appropriate way and why it is so important.
  • Are your patient portion estimates accurate? Accurately estimating the patient portion increases patient collections, increases case acceptance, leads to better patient retention, and reduces the need to collect that money once it is out the door! We can train your team on how to provide better estimates as well.

These are just a few of the things Dental ClaimSupport can provide to assist you and your staff to help ensure practice efficiency while you focus on increasing your production.

Does Dental ClaimSupport provide coaching or consulting?

At times, you may find you need coaching or consulting services in various areas such as updating your existing processes with new, fresh ideas. While we do not directly provide practice management consulting, we have partnered with dental practice management consultants and we will be happy to make a referral based on your need. 

Dental ClaimSupport however, does offer coaching services as it relates to dental coding and insurance administration. Many dental teams struggle with understanding the proper use of the CDT code set and insurance administration, especially as it relates to being in a PPO. Insurance administration has many moving components that dental teams need to know.  

Dental ClaimSupport strives to help make you as successful as you want to be. We look forward to helping each of our clients realize their dreams and expectations for their practice are obtainable and help them get there! Still, wondering if Dental ClaimSupport is right for you? Give us a call and see for yourself. 

Author: Tyler Bell, National Sales Manager

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