Dilaine Gloege, CDA, CPC

Dilaine is a AAPC Certified Professional Coder with over 30 years of dental experience. She is also a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Previous Work with Dr. Charles Blair

Most recently, Dilaine worked alongside Dr. Charles Blair as Call Center Support Supervisor for his Insurance Solutions Newsletter and PracticeBooster where she has helped thousands of practices with coding and insurance questions for both medical and dental claims.

She worked with Dr. Blair and team developing the following new publications: Diagnostic Coding for Dental Claim Submission, Administration with Confidence, and Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence.

Dilaine was a contributing author to Insurance Solutions NewsletterCoding with ConfidenceAdministration with Confidence, and Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence.

Additionally, Dilaine worked with Dr. Blair and team developing content for educational programs presented as lectures, workshops and webinars. She also shares her knowledge and passion for dentistry in her speaking, webinar presentations, and consulting with dental teams nationwide.

Dental ClaimSupport’s Chief Claims Officer

Dilaine has been a key asset to our team’s development and skill level.  Since joining our team in 2020, Dilaine has been providing dental insurance coding and billing, as well as medical cross coding content through training, webinars, and educational pieces.

Dental Claim Academy’s Director of Education & Brand Management

Now, you have the opportunity to learn from Dilaine.  You can check out her articles in Dilaine’s Coding Corner and you can join Dental Claims Academy.  Dental Claims Academy is a membership platform for office managers, insurance coordinators, dentists, assistants, and front office staff to learn how to best code dental and medical procedures.  You can also sign up for “The Dental Post & Core” newsletter to receive email notification of the newest articles.


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