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Savannah, GA – April 21, 2021- Dental ClaimSupport, an outsourced dental billing company, has launched a new educational platform called Dental Claims Academy where anyone interested can sign up to learn more about the dental coding and billing industry. Live webinars are available once a month for virtual viewing and now, if you can’t make it to the live presentation, you can purchase the recordings on the Dental Claims Academy website. 

Dental Claims Academy has become a resource for both dental industry novices and veterans. Dental insurance expert Dilaine Gloege, is a Certified Dental Assistant and AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) Certified Professional Coder with over 30 years of dental experience. Dilaine worked alongside Dr. Charles Blair as Call Center Support Supervisor for his Insurance Solutions Newsletter and PracticeBooster where she has helped thousands of practices with coding and insurance questions for both medical and dental claims. She is now Dental ClaimSupport’s Director or Education and Brand Management and Chief Claims Officer. She speaks at each seminar covering topics such as copay forgiveness, dental insurance basics, PPOs, and much, much more. These webinars are a convenient, easy way to learn the ins and outs of the industry without even leaving your home or office. 

In today’s busy dental practice, it is challenging to step away from patients to attend live CE events or even live webinars. Technology has provided the ability to offer educational webinars on demand. This allows you, the dental team, to gain the knowledge needed for success, at your convenience without disrupting the flow of your practice,” explains speaker, Dilaine Gloege. 

If you cannot make it to the webinar one month, they are available for purchase on the Dental Claims Academy website. These recordings also include a Q&A session where live viewers ask Dilaine any and all questions they have after her presentation.

“Our new webinars on demand feature is another resource for us to continue our mission of bringing quality education to the dental community,” says Dilaine. 

The next Dental Claims Academy webinar will be on May 11 and covering Implant Services – Navigating the Codes. If you cannot make it to the upcoming webinar, keep an eye out on the website for the available recording or the next webinar on June 22nd covering all things diagnostic.

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