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April 6, 2020


Dear Dental Insurance Companies,


The COVID-19 crisis has closed dental practices across the country.  Our dentists need your help and they need it now. You have been playing games for too long with your customers as well as dentists with low fees, outdated frequencies and yearly maximums, ridiculous denials, and lots of red tape getting claims paid in a timely manner.  It’s time to cut it out.


Our dentists are struggling to survive financially.  Dental offices are going out of business and most doors will have been closed for at least two months, while you still collect premiums. Thousands of dental office employees have been furloughed and laid off. All treatment has been pushed back at least two months.  Offices will be inundated with patients upon reopening while the offices have limited staffing.


Here is what we need as 2020 Dental Insurance Upgrades:


  1. Raise Fees by at least 5-8% 
  2. Eliminate Eval and Prophy Frequencies (6 Months + 1 Day) for 2020 and 2021
  3. Increase Yearly Maximums to at least $2,000 per year for 2020 and 2021
  4. Make Insurance Verification Available on Website
  5. Get Payments Out Faster (under 3 business days)


Now is not the time to play games. Now it is your time to step up and help.  These are simple requests that you easily have the ability to accept. 


Please consider these requests or at least come back to the table with a negotiation.




Davy Clay

Partner, Dental ClaimSupport

[email protected]


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