Hundreds of customers circulate in and out of your practice every week, each one expecting great quality service. There is one frustrating entity that can slowly ruin a practice’s relationship with its customers, however. This entity is known as the common insurance company. When finances get sticky and in-office representatives have to handle monetary issues and decipher unfamiliar insurance terminology and EOBs, problems can arise. Here are a few major problems and third-party solutions that show the many benefits of outsourcing your practice’s dental insurance billing:

Incorrect Patient Information

It is very important that your office has accurate patient information to begin with, but human error is always possible. Your office may have files with incorrect information for a patient, such as an outdated healthcare provider. When insurance companies receive claims with this misinformation, issues such as a halt in cash flow can occur.

How Outsourcing Can Help: Entities that specialize in dental billing can correct those errors quickly and efficiently. This prevents your office from waiting for weeks for claims to process, as well as any unnecessary back-and-forth.

Lack of In-office Expertise

Your office is likely full of skilled professionals that excel greatly at their day-to-day tasks. However, the staff of the typical dentist’s office rarely involves a person who is well-versed in the ways of insurance. This means that a receptionist might be stuck juggling insurance company calls while a member of management is in the back trying to crunch numbers. In the case that your office does decides to hire an expert, you might be looking at sacrificing a hefty chunk of your office’s payroll.

How Outsourcing Can Help: Outsourcing dental billing means leaving all of your insurance needs to the experts! This means that, for less than the price of an hourly worker, you can have a reliable liaison between your office and insurance companies that will get your claims handled fast.

Miscommunication with Insurance Companies

What can begin as a small miscommunication with an insurance company can often result in weeks of waiting for claims to process. Additionally, if an insurance company does not receive your claim, tedious follow-up calls will need to be made. Insurance companies will sometimes find loopholes and cause practices to lose money. Dentist offices will sometimes receive only 91% of their insurance collections, a discrepancy that means huge financial losses in the long term.

How Outsourcing Can Help: Experts at dental billing companies know the ins-and-outs of the industry and can prevent your office from losing large sums of collection money. Any miscommunication or information that requires verification is no hassle for our company, your claim is just a phone call away.

No practice wants to forfeit money to a lengthy and frustrating communication process with insurance companies. The benefits of outsourcing are plentiful, but here at Dental ClaimSupport, we sum it up by guaranteeing efficiency in the three areas: collections, patient quality, and cost!

If you are considering a service that will turn your office into a patient-focused, organized practice, then look no further! Put the patient first and your financial worries behind you with Dental ClaimSupport.

We know the most common dental billing issues that plague most

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